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C11 Mechanical Alignment & Collimation

Collimated C11

Shot inside the tube showing the various reflections on axis.

Most SCTs will never exhibit the same problems that I had with mine. This project lasted well over 2 years on and off and ended many times in dead ends and disappointment. I wouldn't recommend it for any SCT that is working fine. I documented this and posted it out of interest to others who'd like to understand how an SCT works and comes together.

In the end it helped me greatly in understanding my C11 and improved the quality of the pictures taken with it dramatically. Most scopes branded as 'lemons' need some kind of mechanical tweaking. I think the optics are mostly always fine nowadays but the parts are sometime a let down in mass produced items.

What I've learnt from this experience is that nothing is unfixable and a little thinking out of the box and good machinist friends can go a long way.
In the end the rewards are great and well worth your time and efforts.

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Collimated C11