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C11 Mechanical Alignment & Collimation

Hotech ACT Laser

The Hotech ACT is an advanced laser collimation system originally designed for SCTs but it can also be used on a wide variety of telescope designs such as Newtonians or Matsukov Cassegrains to only name a few.

The Hotech ACT projects one cross shaped laser. The central laser in the middle of the target. It also projects three beams like dots that are placed at the same distance from the center cross. When these beams are reflected back on the board on the same concentric circle on the target then your scope is collimated.

The challenge is to first register the board accurately with your telescope primary mirror before doing any measurements. To do this it helps to paint the primary mirror's edge with four small lines so you can align the cross laser on these marks.

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Hotech ACT Laser