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C11 Mechanical Alignment & Collimation

Primary Collimation with Hyperstar

When the scope tube has been sanded and both end mounted, the primary is put back in place on the baffle tube, the corrector lens and secondary also centered mechanically. Then the secondary is removed and the hyperstar is placed in the secondary cell flat on the corrector. The hyperstar and the back focus of the scope are also fitted each with a Hotech reflective mirror. The corrector lens and secondary cell are now centered in respect to the tube because the ends were sanded to compensate for any misalignment.

We use the Hotech ACT from Hotech USA to shine three laser beams and a cross throught the scope aperture. The beams travel throught the light path on the various surfaces then exit back through the aperture and paint a dot on the board they originated from.

Prior to do any measurement it is critical that the Hotech ACT is accurately registered to the scope tube axis. The main laser in the center of the Hotech ACT projects a cross which is used to center the tube. This is achieved by looking at the projection of the cross on the back focus of the scope and on the front face of the hyperstar. When the cross is centered both at the front and at the back the tube and the baffle tube mechanical axis coincides with the Hotech ACT axis.

*note: raytracing for illustration purposes only and may not be accurate.

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Primary Collimation with Hyperstar